HourGlass 1.2.2 released


  • Envelope generator improved. No longer needs separate generation shapes selection, rather many different types of shapes can be achieved from adjusting the knobs. Take note how to Shape and Randomness knobs offer alternative generation behaviors when turned all the way to the right. Time shaping knob has a right-click menu where either power (slow->fast or fast->slow) or sigmoid (slow->fast->slow or fast->slow->fast) mode can be chosen for the time shaping.
  • Envelope presets popup made to show in a different location.
  • Can again adjust VST plugins without GUIs from the generic slider editor.
  • Broken and useless Repository feature removed until a better replacement is planned and implemented.
  • Potential drawing optimization for envelopes (hopefully doesn’t break the graphics but if does, can be removed in the next public build)
  • Dark custom appearance GUI style was changed slightly, please load it again from View->Load style->Default, if using Windows. On OS-X the custom GUI still doesn’t really “fit”. (I know the plain looking GUI isn’t that great either on OS-X, but the situation hopefully will be improved eventually.)

Downloads :

Windows :


OS-X (64 bit, 10.6/10.7, beta’ish) :


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One Response to HourGlass 1.2.2 released

  1. IXix says:

    Can’t wait to play with the new envelope gen. Thanks! 🙂

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