HourGlass 1.2.1 released

Changes :

  • Some crashing bugs fixed
  • If playback becomes disabled (due to all sound sources removed while playing back) or fragment voices are starved for an extended period of time, an error notification is displayed.
  • Improvements to how the playheads (yellow envelopes) are drawn on the peaks display. Also fixed the bug when drawing the playheads when in Follow selected-mode.
  • PortAudio and MIDI performance analysis logs are written to the application settings folder instead of the executable directory
  • Forgot to mention in 1.2.0 changes list : The View button above the main envelope editor keeps a list of last 8 viewed envelopes and the < and > keys now cycle through those 8 envelopes in the focused envelope editor.

Download (Windows) :


Download (OS-X Intel 10.6/10.7 64 bit , beta’ish) :


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