HourGlass sample offline processing improvements

YouTube video showing the trim silence(*) and plugin hosting in the offline preprocessing chain.

(*) This will probably be renamed to “autosplit” or something like that before release, to allow more logically later to expand the processing to do cuts in the sound based on something else than just areas determined silent.

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4 Responses to HourGlass sample offline processing improvements

  1. IXix says:

    So VSTs can be used in the preprocessing? Nice! 🙂

    – IX

    • xenakios says:

      Yes, but VST plugins with custom GUIs (like epicVerb, the standalone Reaplugs etc) don’t yet work…It’s a slightly tricky problem to know when the user has stopped tweaking a knob so the offline processing can be started…It wouldn’t really be feasible to always do the processing for each mouse movement while a VST parameter is tweaked. (It might work for some really low CPU load plugins, but probably not that many would really work without the GUI handling becoming really slugghish.)

  2. IXix says:

    Can you use a timer? Start the processing after maybe half a second of inactivity and if a parameter is tweaked, cancel the processing and set the timer again.

    – IX

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