Development work a bit slow and a rant

Hopefully a new build will appear before the week-end. There won’t be any mind boggling new things for now, but I have a few interesting plans that I might look into next…

The rant is about the MrMr OSC control software for iOs. I know it’s free of charge and all, but it seems to work so that it constantly sends OSC messages for all the controls at a fast pace. (Probably driven by a timer.) This seems like an odd and lazy design decision from the developer that is likely to drain the battery of the iDevice and makes MrMr impossible to use with softwares using their learn modes for binding OSC messages to parameters. I could probably do something in HourGlass to remove the problem, but Reaper would still suffer from it and it wouldn’t solve the issue of the likely battery drain. “But TouchOsc is so much better anyway”, you may say. In some ways it is, as it does the sane thing and only sends OSC messages when the controls are moved, but it lacks a layout that has 4 XY-pads in one page…And I am not sure if such a layout could be designed for it anyway. (Are the controls of some fixed size…?) And it’s a pain in the ass to test designing such a new layout as the design software is Java-based. And I just despise having to install Java…Argh. 😦

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