OS-X status

Things mostly run, so it’s easier to list what doesn’t work or works non-ideally :

-The app is built on and tested on OS-X 10.7 (Lion). It is unknown at the moment if it runs on an earlier version of OS-X and how difficult it would be to make that happen. I have to be honest about this and admit that I am not going to be a hero with this and work hard for backwards compatibility. Doing the OS-X version is so much additional work already…Hopefully it will run at least on OS-X 10.6 too…

-The app is built as a 64 bit application for Intel. Getting a 32 bit build done would be tricky. (But I will look into that, if it’s possible with sane effort.) Getting a Universal Binary done would be very hard. A PPC build isn’t going to happen at all, sorry.

-Things (probably mostly GUI drawing) might be taking a bit too much CPU. (OTOH the development computer I got isn’t really a performance king, so it might be just because of that…)

-MIDI is not functional. It was implemented on Windows using the Windows APIs directly without much abstraction going on in the code, so things will need to rewritten for both Windows and OS-X.

-VST plugins hosting is not functional and even if I got it running now, it wouldn’t be much use as the app is 64 bit. It is my understanding the situation on OS-X with 32/64 bit plugins<->hosts is the same as on Windows that a 64 bit host can’t directly use 32 bit plugin binaries and most 3rd party plugins are stuck on 32 bit binaries also on OS-X, much like the situation is on Windows. Hosting AU would require lots of new code and currently I have no experience at all in handling AU plugins. It remains to be seen how that goes.

-The GUI layout doesn’t look good when the HourGlass custom skin/colortheme is used. Layout-wise things look better (but too bright in color for my taste) if the default OS-X appearance is used.

-Due to my inexperience with OS-X, I don’t currently know how to make the app run on other computers than my own. (So don’t ask for private builds to test with right now, it would just be an exercise in frustration.)

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