Repurposing the HourGlass DSP for the command line

Just for the heck of it, I tested how much of the HourGlass code would need to be changed so that the core fragmenting/granular DSP could be run from a minimal environment (namely for test purposes here, a command line program) and without dependencies to the Qt framework. It did take a few hours and quite a lot of brutal changes in the code, but it was succesful. HourGlass has developed in a fairly “organic” fashion the past years, so this wasn’t a completely trivial exercise. The main HourGlass code hasn’t been changed (at least yet), this was a completely independent test project, that might lead to some interesting developments later. I am not sure if I will make the command line program publicly available, as this is more a proof of concept kind of thing for my own testing etc.

The command line program takes in a filename to a document file which resembles the file format used by Cockos’s Reaper DAW.

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