Ads…Not on my blog, nooooooo!!??

I’ve only lately come to realize this free WordPress blog appears to have ads. I didn’t notice that before as I’ve only read and used it with browsers that have advertisement blocking capabilities. However, I ended up checking on Internet Explorer too, which doesn’t have ad blocking (at least I haven’t tried doing anything about that, dunno if something is possible there) and noticed some ads are appearing on this blog. That’s of course somewhat understandable, I guess WordPress has to make money somehow out of the users that have these non-premium free blogs. But it has started annoying me a bit. (I remember seeing a women’s clothes advertisement here for example. What could be the connection to audio software…? The thing worse than ads is untargeted ads…)

So anyway, I dunno…I might look into migrating the blog to somewhere else or pay WordPress (if that removes the ads) or something…I just thought I’d mention about this in case anyone has been wondering about it while reading the blog without ad blockers enabled.

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