HourGlass Scripting improvements

Featuring automatic on-the-fly compilation of the script, ability to insert variable and function names into the code by pressing Ctrl+Space in the code editor(*) and, finally there’s the ability for me to add script “factory” presets. (The factory preset shown in the video is a bit lame, but I will try to come up with some cool ones for the next release. Stuff like the pitch sequencer thing shown in the video.)

(*) This should be a lot nicer, but it’s a bit tricky feature to do as well as you may know from things like Visual Studio or Qt Creator coding IDEs…

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2 Responses to HourGlass Scripting improvements

  1. abstractcats says:

    Looking forward to this feature! Laurie Anderson, would be proud 😀

    What do I need to wright the scripts? Knowing C++, etc.? Or is it a matter of knowing the “formulas”?

    • xenakios says:

      Basic understanding of programming (using variables and arrays) and math (to do something meaningful with the variables via operators and functions) are needed. The eel2 language (by Justin Frankel/Cockos/Nullsoft) used isn’t very complicated. There are no functions that can be defined in the program code itself, no classes/objects, no types besides “numbers” for the variables etc. Note that this feature of course isn’t in any way something one *
      must* use, it’s just there to allow results that the GUI knobs and envelopes might not be able to do.

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