HourGlass 0.9.6 release

This release doesn’t incorporate the snapshots system and the BitMapper DSP module yet, so this is more a fix release…There’s also a third interesting development going on, I will post a video of that today.

Changes :

-“Shift/Scale I/II” buttons removed from the main GUI. Similar functionality now available by making a time selection on an envelope and dragging the white handles. Unfortunately this doesn’t entirely work yet, but it will eventually.

-Hopefully fixed bug when loading HourGlass documents that caused the parameter static values (knob/slider positions) to recall incorrectly.

-Attempted to make playing the fragment texture and sound sources preview audio consistently. It does appear to work, but there probably is still some sequence of user actions that can lead to unexpected result.

-Fixed audio glitch-causing bug in sound sources preview

-Envelope editors should consume less memory

-Envelopes set default point shape actions should again work. This seems to be a persistent bug that these just don’t seem to want to work. Maybe HourGlass is trying to hint me the envelopes should not have default point shapes? 😉

-Renamed “Help” menu to “Info”, as there obviously is not much “help” available from there… -_-

Download at :


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6 Responses to HourGlass 0.9.6 release

  1. wakax says:

    i cant find the resample option in this build.
    can you tell me where is it ?

    • xenakios says:

      You mean the sample&hold/linear/filtered/sinc modes? They are in the menu that opens from the [A} button next to the Transposition knob. I moved that option from the Transport/Render section to that more hidden place as it probably isn’t a very often needed setting to change. There’s also an action “Cycle fragments resampling mode” which you can assign to a keyboard shortcut (there’s no shortcut by default) or a MIDI CC message.

  2. thanks !:) i’ve found it after all. the only thing i need now is to understand how to morph/ fade 2 audio sources and some scripting examples.

  3. E.A. says:

    Hello Xenakios.

    For some reason it crashes before opening in my system, any ideas?

    • xenakios says:

      Maybe the PortAudio dll that has the ASIO and Wasapi support fails to load. There’s another version of PortAudio in the PortAudio_NoAsioNoWasapi folder, try copying that over the one in the folder where HourGlass.exe is. If you’ve used HourGlass before, another possibility is that the ini-file (HourGlass.ini) contains something that makes the newer version crash. (That of course should not happen, but it might be I have missed some detail when reading and processing the ini-file…)

      • E.A. says:

        Thanks you for your quick response.
        I deleted the ini-file and it opened after that.
        I selected the ASIO drivers from my focusrite Saffire 6usb and it crashed one more time, I deleted the ini-file again and now it seems to work fine.

        Amazing program, keep it up!


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