Bad bug discovered… :(

It seems that there’s been a bug that went unnoticed when I released 0.9.5 to the wild. Loading of the .hourglass-documents is not done correctly. Namely, it is quite possible the knob/slider positions are not restored correctly from the files. Massive apologies for this, this should not have happened. 😦 A possible workaround (but not guaranteed to work) is to check and uncheck “Options->Parameter static values follow envelopes playback” each time HourGlass has been started and before loading the .hourglass-files. (Note that both checking and unchecking must be attempted, as the menu doesn’t at first show the real state of the option, which is that the option is turned on.)

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9 Responses to Bad bug discovered… :(

  1. ScottAC says:

    No big deal, I have not noticed it yet.On the fun side(and may be a little smile inducing) I just generated a wave file 2:53:03 / 2.2 GIG! HA! It took about 3mins to render. I’m sure if I had the top Corei7 installed, it would have been rendered much faster πŸ˜€

  2. ScottAC says:

    Oh! Yes, the length is intentional as in, I had it set “play forward” and set it to almost minimum. The sound source is 6.79 sec. and the fragment rate is set to about 25%

  3. ScottAC says:

    Hmm, I’ve done a few more “tests” using the nearly the same setting to make the nearly 3 hr (from the 6.79 sec audio )piece, I’ve only got about 30 mins max and about 520 MG. Hmm, may be a bug that rendered the 3 hr piece.

    • xenakios says:

      I can look into how the rendering behaves with extreme slowdowns in the play forward mode. I haven’t tested that much as, well…The renders would take a bit long πŸ˜‰

      • ScottAC says:

        Long renders? Yeah, that is what the HG fans/beta testing are for πŸ™‚ And I do love working with the granular / texturizing and time stretching software πŸ˜€ I’m working with meldproductions’ MOscillator to generate wavs for things like HG and Paul’s sound stretcher.

  4. ScottAC says:

    Oh yeah, what about a manual for HG? Is there one somewhere or will there be one? I know this is another time intensive task, though.

    • xenakios says:

      There’s no manual and I doubt there will be any, either. 😦 It sure would be a big task to write and especially keep updated. I will probably do a bit more tutorials/demos on YouTube though…

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