HourGlass 0.9.5 released

As always, consider this more or less a beta. Lots of stuff was changed to allow the multiple envelope editors, and I doubt I have catched every possible condition in the code that deals with those…A fix release will happen as soon as possible, if crashes or similar problems appear with this release.

Changes :

-Multiple envelope editors can be shown, either stacked vertically in the mainwindow or floating as separate windows. The envelope that will be the target of various operations has a red outline. Because of the complicated additional logic needed to handle this, viewing multiple envelopes per one editor is now disabled. (If you manage now to make an envelope editor show more than one envelope at a time, that’s unsupported and likely to be buggy at the moment, sorry about that…)

-Clicking over an envelope editor with the mouse middle-button seeks into texture

-Preferences has new setting to show a warning when loading files larger than the set limit

-Custom envelope value grid dialog now uses scaled values, not the normalized 0..1 values

-Added actions to show next/previous fragment volume/pitch envelope

-Added action to set the texture duration to the focused source sounds playback range (ie the duration determined by the [S] and [E] markers)

-Added actions to nudge the focused source sound playback range earlier or later (0.1 seconds currently, will be configurable later)

-Setting texture duration from the texture duration actions no longer seeks to the beginning of the texture. (Setting the duration by typing into the texture duration field does seek, though…)

-Main parameter knobs/sliders move when playing back automation

-Build with Large Address Aware flag enabled. (Allows using up to around 3GB of memory on 32 bit operating systems and up to 4GB on 64 bit operating systems.) It is rumoured this can break some VST plugins. If that starts happening a lot, I’ll reconsider the LAA flag.

-Very basic C++ exceptions support implemented, a dialog with the exception description is shown. This is likely to trigger only when HourGlass can’t allocate enough memory for some operation. (HourGlass itself doesn’t currently throw C++ exceptions.) If you get the exception dialog, do as it recommends : try to save your current work under a new name and quit HourGlass.

-Worked on performance diagnostics stuff. (Currently this writes a log file into the folder where HourGlass.exe is that has the last 4096 PortAudio callback elapsed times)

Download :


Thanks again to Mr. Vesa Norilo for providing download space.

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