Still working on the next release

It’s taking annoyingly long, but there’s still work left…Allowing the multiple envelope editors sure made things complicated…Unfortunately, also expect the ability to show
multiple envelopes per one editor to be broken (rather, disabled) in the next release. Ideally, that functionality of course should not have been affected, but it is now what it is. I will look into enabling that again later, as working on that now would just delay the next release even further.

The automation writing from the knob/midi controller movements is unfortunately getting too complicated to happen for the next release, but it will happen later as I already worked on it so extensively, that it’d be wasteful not to make it work.

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1 Response to Still working on the next release

  1. OH YEAH! says:

    WIshing you strength and power to your coding fingers (and your brain power (and your energy levels)).

    It’s all worth it

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