Not quite yet…

I am still trying to think how the multiple envelope editors and related things should work and that has been giving me headache…Maybe a good design appears to me in the coming days, but at the moment it’s all just too messy to bother with a public release.

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2 Responses to Not quite yet…

  1. Joshu Aghora says:

    have you thought about letting them live behind tabs? or maybe this could be handled in the same way say, FM8, Zebra or Alchemy does it. no?

    • xenakios says:

      The problem is more about how to organize the behavior with regards to showing/hiding the envelopes under user control or by necessity (if for example a mixer insert is removed and envelopes from such a DSP insert are visible on the envelope editors)…The needed GUI handling code is fairly messy and boring to do and I would like to avoid rewrites for that later, that’s why I need to be quite sure about how it all should work before doing an extensive implementation.

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