So is a new HourGlass release gonna happen?

Yes, in the coming days. With some luck maybe within the next 24 hours, but that’s not a promise. What is to be expected :

-Per-source sound source position envelopes

-Audio files writing code has been overhauled together with the render/live recording options dialog. Many more (but mostly exotic and not so needed in real life) audio file formats implemented in libsndfile now supported for rendering and live output recording. The changes that were done should allow adding support for things like wavpack and mp3 in the future, but probably not for the next release. (The wavpack option in the dialog is now “fake” and will be removed from the public release if the actual support for wavpack won’t make it in during the coming days.)

-Sound sources list can show (optionally) a small waveform overview (click image for animation)

-Support for parameter automation envelopes in some of the built-in DSP modules has been re-enabled

-Other various changes and fixes

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2 Responses to So is a new HourGlass release gonna happen?

  1. ScottAC says:

    Ooo! Looks great 🙂
    I just reinstalled my laptop and desktop! Looking forward to trying the new HG..:D

  2. Ravn Revheim says:

    Sounds great, can’t wait 🙂

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