HourGlass 0.9.3 release

This is mostly a clean-up/fix release with no earth shattering new features.

Changes :

-“Envelope operations” panel removed, functionality now available above the envelope editor in “Ops” button.

-Knobs should now look OK on Windows XP and Vista/7 with Aero turned off

-Added actions to toggle fragment stream and aux 1/2 channels muted in the mixer

-Added actions to set previous/next fragment pitch envelope

-Fragment pitch envelopes are initialized with a 4 semitones step grid

-Live output recording checks if the previously set target folder still exists on disk and if not, uses the HourGlass executable folder as a fallback

-When live output recording is active, the Transport/render panel flashes while playing back

-Fragment panning spread mode action removed from main Sound menu and now found in the Main parameters A buttons for Pan/rotate and Pan/rotate spread

-When removing sound sources while playback is on, playback is no longer stopped (this was a bug that went unnoticed for a few releases)

-Changed threads synchronization to use WDL_Mutex instead of QMutex, as it is suspected QMutex isn’t ideal for audio applications. (WDL_Mutex on Windows is just a thin C++ wrapper around Windows critical sections, whereas QMutex appears to have some quite complicated machinery, which I quite can’t figure out why it is like it is.) While this is an internal technical detail, I might have made some mistake while rewriting the involved portions of the code and crashes/hang might result. (This hasn’t happened to myself thus far, though, while I’ve been playing around with HourGlass.)

Download at :


Thanks yet again to Vesa Norilo for providing the hosting space.

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