HourGlass 0.8.4 released

-Added support for taking in a sound file name from the command line, which allows HourGlass to be used as an external audio editor in other apps like Cockos Reaper. When used in this way the render output file name is by default changed to be the file that was imported from the command line argument. By default there is a dialog prompt that asks to confirm if the originally imported file should be overwritten(*) but this can be disabled in the preferences if you are confident enough you will never import media files by accident that should not be overwritten. It’s obviously a very good idea to open copies of the media files in HourGlass from Reaper etc, never the original source files you may have recorded or inserted from sample libraries etc.

(*) If you answer No in that dialog, the usual autogeneration of the render output file name based on the file name text field is used.

-Added actions to toggle envelope points snapping to time and value grids.

-Remote control manager window has option for saving the remote control assignments into the .hourglass files, this option is on by default

-Various minor fixes and improvements (more consistent initial state after launch, allow more characters in the render file name edit field, render tail length stored/restored in .hourglass files etc)

Download (file was offline for a moment as I updated to fix a bug) :


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2 Responses to HourGlass 0.8.4 released

  1. IXix says:

    Awesome! Thanks!

  2. frog_jr says:

    Thank you Xen! You’re the best!

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