HourGlass 0.8.3 released

Changes :

-Preference option to enable/disable the more free dockable panels layout. (It’s now disabled by default which corresponds to the behavior in 0.8.1 and earlier)

-Reverted the envelope editor GUI to be non-dockable, as it probably should be considered to be the “central widget” in the GUI. This hopefully fixes some of the GUI panels resizing issues that started happening in 0.8.2

-Undo/redo recalculates the offline preprocessings to the source sounds. (Previously if the source sound volume envelopes were edited and then undone/redone, the envelopes were not applied to the source sounds)

The threaded offline chain processing is not yet in this version as it needs more work and internal testing.


Download at :


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6 Responses to HourGlass 0.8.3 released

  1. Tom says:

    Hm – I can no longer start Hourglass after I had a crash with 0.8.2 when scanning VSTs.
    Just tried the new version – no dice either.
    Just get this Windows error I posted in the 0.8.2 comment….
    Any Idea how to get it going again?



    • xenakios says:

      Right now you have to edit the .ini (HourGlass.ini) settings file to disable the vst plugins support. There’s a line like


      Which you should remove. I would recommend setting up a separate vst plugins folder with quite simple/light weight plugins there, separately for HourGlass. Some plugins may crash just by loading their dll file which starts to get to the area where I just would not know how to fix it. Or could not in any case, since it could be a heavily copy protected commercial plugin which I would have to buy for testing etc…

  2. hey there xen – i was wondering, will there be any support for

    in reaper
    right click audio file
    open copy/or original file in “hourglass.exe”


    would be cool 😀

    • xenakios says:

      Yeah I’ve been thinking about it, but thinking it further it’s not totally obvious how it all should work. It makes sense with a “regular kind” audio editor to open a file, process it in some way and then save under the same file name. (And Reaper will then see the updated file on it’s timeline, which is very cool and by the way a workflow that isn’t available in apps like ProTools and Cubase.) However now the problem is, if the processed result is saved into the same file name that was used as the source audio (entirely possible as HourGlass doesn’t keep the source files open after they have been imported), it all starts to get a bit confusing. What if you didn’t like the result you just rendered when playing back with other material in Reaper? You’d now have to do another “Open file/copy in external editor” action in Reaper etc…Anyway I suppose this same problem really exists when using other editors like Audacity or Wavosaur too…

      I will investigate adding support in HourGlass to open files from the command line arguments, in other words allow HourGlass to be used as an external editor in Reaper, and see how it goes…

      • xenakios says:

        I didn’t maybe explain it well in the previous reply. The main problem is that HourGlass’s workflow was designed from the start to generate many rendered results from a single file or set of input files. Regular audio editors on the other hand assume the original file will simply be transformed once. Anyway I suppose somekind of workflow can be designed to allow HourGlass to be used as an external editor for Reaper (or some other suitable app).

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