HourGlass 0.8.2 released

(The download was momentarily offline as I uploaded a version with a text corrected in the GUI…)

Download at





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2 Responses to HourGlass 0.8.2 released

  1. IXix says:

    Thanks! Just the thing to break in my new headphones!

    – IXix

  2. Tom says:

    Hey xenakios,

    finally had some time to try Hour Glass 0.8.2 and wanted to give some first impressions.
    First thing was, that the GUI came up rather weirdly layouted (curve and sound windows very small on top next to each other, everything else below that and a big blank space on the right where the curves used to be) – but it was easy to fix with the new draggable windows! Cooool! 🙂
    My old presets were right there and seem to work right away.
    Scanning my VST folder crashed Hourglass, but I have so many VSTs installed that I’m not surprised that much. And VST support is actually very low on my need-list for Hourglass, since I mostly create audio pieces to use with other DAWs with it.
    After the crash I am no longer able to start Hourglass – I get a message that says:
    “Runtime Error!
    This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way….”
    I’ll try restarting my machine now.
    But otherwise it looks great!

    Thank you so much!


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