HourGlass next build?

Hopefully this weekend. There’s some things that need to be worked on first.

What’s to be expected in the next build :

-Vertical (up/down) zoom and scroll for the envelopes

-The Fragment Length parameter can be linked to be a percentage of the Fragment Rate’s inverse (can use the length as “staccato”<->”legato” kind of way)

-Second Aux channel. Send levels of fragment voices can be controlled via the fragment scripts.

-Custom definable value grid for the envelopes

-Sound viewer display works nicer at high zoom levels (can zoom up to show individual samples)

-More things in the GUI are now dockable panels

-The sound source volume envelopes are saved and restored

-Play forwards mode compensates for playback/source sound samplerate mismatch. Noticed that while testing HourGlass with sounds generated based on this fascinating experiment (as they recommend using 8khz samplerate) : http://countercomplex.blogspot.com/2011/10/algorithmic-symphonies-from-one-line-of.html

-Option to end the fragments playback at the texture end if the texture is not looped

-Actions to toggle the Fragment engine envelopes visible should again work

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