Sound display is now dockable

The sound wave display has taken quite a lot of the screen estate in HourGlass while you can’t really even do much in it. This was simply because
it was added to the GUI in the beginning in a way that required a bit of extra work to make it dockable. So now it’s possible to move, resize and hide it like
the other dockable panels in HourGlass. This will probably be available in the next public build.

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One Response to Sound display is now dockable

  1. the finger, and the mouth says:

    i think that a GUI is about half of a musical instrument: the other half of course is how it sounds.
    this seems to have a corollary in measuring instruments too, e.g. a VU meter that is difficult to read would not be so useful even if it were the most accurate… so it is good to see hourglass looking more friendly and almost free of eye-searing white backgrounds, yay! keep up this good work please.

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