HourGlass 0.8.1

Since there hasn’t been an alarming amount of reports of catastrophic failures of the 0.8.0 alpha 1, I’ll just drop the alpha thing and here’s a new build
with some minor changes.

-VST plugins are informed of the workspace tempo and beats position of the playback (if this doesn’t work as expected with some plugins
that do tempo sync, tell me and I try to look into implementing the rest of the VST_TimeInfo stuff)
-Imported sound files use potentially a lot less of memory, but loading big sound files (several hundred megabytes) can still fail, causing HourGlass
to crash. This could be improved in a few ways, but I’d simply recommend not importing a large number of small files or any huge files. (The Sound sources
list isn’t meant to be a repository/”bin” of candidate sounds to be used. If such a separate feature is desirable, tell me, and I might look into it.)


The major new things in 0.8.0 :

-Mixer. This will be improved and extended in the future.
-VST plugins support. This can be broken in as many ways as there are VST plugins around. Don’t expect this to work with any complicated plugins or
plugins that use intrusive copy protections or Waves plugins etc. I have no realistic possibilities to test and fix problems for such plugins.
-New fragment engine mode, Play forwards. Using this allows to design the automation envelopes while viewing the sound waveform in the envelope editor, as
well as slow down and speed up the sound playback via the playback speed parameter/envelope.
-Saving and loading of the app state as .hourglass files.

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One Response to HourGlass 0.8.1

  1. IXix says:

    Thanks, I’m playing with it now. Wow, I really wish there was a manual!

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