HourGlass 0.8.0 alpha 1 release

I guess it won’t help too much to postpone and postpone more. Beware of a couple of things for starters :

-The MIDI remote controls stuff was changed so much that the old configurations are no longer used (ie, you have to reassign the MIDI controls again)
-The last workspace state is no longer read from the main ini-file, so when you launch 0.8.0, your last settings will not be restored. (If you have something important set up
in the 0.7.0 version, finish that up before trying 0.8.0, though if you revert back to using 0.7.0, those settings should be again restored.)

You can expect all sorts of other changes too compared to the previous version, I will update this blog post later to reflect those.

Definitely consider this merely an alpha stage release for now.

Download link :


Thanks again to Mr. Vesa Norilo for providing the hosting space.

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