Dependency based audio processing

Even your grandaddy’s studio could do this, not mention any DAW app these days :

A thing that I’ve been dreaming about for a long time that should be possible :

With some manual effort this obviously is possible with existing apps but I am not aware of any app that would allow this in a completely automatically managed and friendly manner.  (I know Trevor Wishart’s SoundLoom GUI front-end allows chaining CDP processes like this, but calling SoundLoom “friendly” would be a stretch.)

An even more complex example :

What makes these audio processing graphs tricky are the processing nodes that require the totality of the source audio to be present before they can do their own processings (ie, reversing, time stretching(*)/shrinking, audio shuffling). So steps in the graph need to be offline processed and not only that, changes before such steps should propagate up the chain automatically. For example, if in the above example the user changed what file the “Audio file 1” node is playing, there are offline processing dependent steps in the audio graph that need to be reprocessed. Therefore “Dependency based audio processing” as the title of this post.

This was nothing about HourGlass etc, but rather just thinking loud about this. “Thanks” to Vesa Norilo who made me think about this thing again last year.

(*) Time stretching does not necessarily require all the source audio to exist already but it’s often more sane to think about it and implement it that way.

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