Why HourGlass doesn’t have a “save as” feature…

Some of you may have wondered why HourGlass doesn’t have save as/save/open features for the “session”. After all, it doesn’t take much fiddling around to make quite complex changes for all the sound sources, parameters, envelopes and so on. The reason is pretty prosaic : it’s just so much work to add at this stage. HourGlass began as a pretty humble application where just storing the current settings at quit and restoring them at next launch seemed to be enough. It obviously is desirable that I implement the “save session/workspace/whatever” feature at some point.

Annoyingly enough the greatest complication for the session/document save is just a tiny user interface thing : to have an indicator (like “Foobar[*] ) in the window title whether latest changes were saved or not. As things are, keeping such an indicator updated will require adding code in dozens of places. Obviously I could just implement the save feature anyway and not have the window title bar indicator. But it just feels wrong to do it like that. Another potential reason to have the saved or not state updated is that if the saving of the document takes long, it could be used to optimize (ie, not save anything if nothing was changed). But I don’t think HourGlass ever takes long to save the settings on quit anyway…

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4 Responses to Why HourGlass doesn’t have a “save as” feature…

  1. Tom says:

    Well, such an indicator is great to have and in a major software it’s pretty common, but I personally wouldn’t mind to “save” or “save as…” whenever I think I should, independent of scene state being dirty or not.
    And sometimes I also like to “not-save” if I changed a scene and don’t like the result… 😉

    So the basic ability to save and open documents would be way more important to me than the scene dirty flag.



  2. IXix says:

    Instead of adding code all over the place to signal that something has changed perhaps you could start a separate thread to monitor the state of the document? If all the parameters etc. were stored in one big chunk of memory then determining whether anything has changed would be pretty easy.

    Just a thought. Not necessarily a good one.

    – IXix

    PS. I haven’t found much time to play with Hourglass yet but I love it anyway. Bravo.

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