HourGlass 0.8.0 teaser video

Just some random fiddling with the upcoming features…Watch the video in high res and full screen to better see the annotations and what’s going on.

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3 Responses to HourGlass 0.8.0 teaser video

  1. ScottAC says:

    I’m donating $10000 to Xenakios…..just teasing HA! 😀
    All kidding aside, I’d pay you to put in image synthesis if I had plenty of cash 🙂
    In the mean time, I’ll be doing some demo tracks for Hourglass over the coming months.

    • xenakios says:

      Concerning the image synthesis thing, I don’t think that’s ever going to be part of HourGlass, that really calls for a new application and design. What might happen in the future is that I start working seriously on a DAW-app kind of thing and the workable bits of HourGlass will be integrated into that. (Think about instances of HourGlass as clips/objects/items on a DAW timeline… 😉 ) That DAW project was actually what this blog was supposed to be about in the first place…But as things went, working on HourGlass went a bit better…In any case I have learned tons of things during the past 10 months of working with the HourGlass code, which will all help towards the DAW-project. (But of course all that is very vague and in the future…I think I’d really need some partners to code with…)

      • ScottAC says:

        An Hour Glass leaning DAW? I could get into that, could open all kinds of sound design possibilities 😀 As for Images, I just keep them in my head for the moment. Coding partners….now I wish I’d stuck with reading my C++ books, If thats what HG is written in, that is. I taught my self to wright the Hello World program about the same time I got into computer based music and got away from learning C++. Thanks again for this great program and when I’ve got more audio together I’ll post. 🙂

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