The changelog is just too long

It doesn’t look probable I can make a new public release of HourGlass very soon. Looking at the changelog of the past couple of months, there’s just too much stuff that potentially could be all messed up due to not testing and finishing up enough. I suppose I could make a public release with an alpha status, but I don’t know if it’s really worth it. I estimate there isn’t much stuff that could cause crashes or hangs but rather stuff in the GUI that doesn’t work as expected (or at all) and so on, ie mostly inconsistent behaviors.  (Which of course are somewhat abundant in earlier versions of HourGlass too, but it just pains me to think of releasing a version with even more of that.)

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One Response to The changelog is just too long

  1. Tom says:

    Well, it depends: if you think that feedback from users would be helpful, inspiring or motivating, an alpha preview could be a good idea. But if it’s more a matter of grinding through the changes and cleaning up, it may be just added chatter…

    Whatever you decide, I look forward to the future versions you will come up with! 🙂

    Thanks for the heads-up!


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