Fixing bugs and cleaning up code

Not too much work on new features but rather trying to fix bugs and clean up some nasty bits in the code. Added automation envelopes support for mixer channel volumes though. Automated volume is nice to have at many points in the signal topology…Volume adjustment is missing from one crucial point though, at the source sample, but hopefully that won’t be too much trouble to add now since I have the code that can draw the waveform on the envelopes editor…

Ok, adding the source sample envelope shaping wasn’t too hard. This will require more work so it functions properly, but pretty nice anyway. Click image for animation (it’s using a 440hz sine wave as the source sample to show the volume envelope shaping clearly)

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2 Responses to Fixing bugs and cleaning up code

  1. Tom says:

    I like it! That’s a very cool addition.



  2. S-252 says:

    Setting the pitch for each source sample (fixed multiplier value should be enough – an envelope would make it too complicated) could also be a handy addition.

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