Demo video for new env/playback

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2 Responses to Demo video for new env/playback

  1. Tom says:

    Great! I think this mode will nicely complement the original, more abstract mode.
    The direct relation to the waveform looks quite helpful.

    In the original mode, this could have been done only if the curve would be upside down instead of left to right, then one could directly and visually relate the A/B forward/backward directions of the curve to a specific part of the audio and time would go along Y.
    This would allow for backwards-motion as well as forward, something that the new mode can’t do if I interpret your video correctly?

    Good stuff!


    • xenakios says:

      Yeah I’ve also considered the option of having a waveform guide upside down to the side of the envelope, but I decided to do this other thing now…Actually it probably would not be too hard to add that when in the “classic mode” anyway. I think that would not help in coordinating other parameter envelopes to the input sound besides the “Source position”, though…(Unless there was some additional guide visuals on the “side” waveform guide etc…I dunno, have to look into that at some day…)

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