Alternative envelopes/playback mode…

I preliminarily worked on this (click image for animation…Why can’t this WordPress thing always show the animated gifs directly on the blog…It’s showing an animated one anyway in this very post editor I am now using…Sigh…) :

So the idea is that there will be a new playback mode where the envelope points are synced to the input sound. Which will make it easier to automate parameters based on what the input sound is, rather than decide what the timings in output are. Naturally this new mode means the sound can’t be played back in reverse direction or freezed in time…The “Source position” parameter will change in this mode into “Time stretch amount” or something like that. Also of course then the length of the resulting output sound will be determined by the time stretch amount, rather than the user setting the texture duration himself.

I’ve been delaying adding this feature because it will then make it “too easy” for the user to use HourGlass as a simplistic time stretcher that just plays the sound forwards and ignore exploring the other things that are possible. Anyway, I now feel this mode probably is useful to get transposition, plugin parameter etc automations happening synched to the input sound content, so why not add it…

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One Response to Alternative envelopes/playback mode…

  1. Tom says:

    Great! That sounds like a very welcome addition to the toolset!
    Keep it up!

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