No new HourGlass news yet

I am alive, but not particularly happy and inspired to work much on anything. Hopefully I can find the motivation to look into the HourGlass code again in the coming days. There’s quite a lot of loose ends in the code before a new public release will be viable though. The VST plugins support is a big change and in turn made it necessary to change for example how the MIDI remote control of parameters works, so there’s quite a lot of new code to go through, refine and test even before a beta quality release can be made to the public…

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2 Responses to No new HourGlass news yet

  1. mookie mallock says:

    good to hear you are alive… and that you’re still loving vst and midi as much as ever 🙂

  2. bluzkat says:

    Just came across your blog, really cool stuff!
    I will definitely stop by regularly to see what you’re cooking!

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