Uh…Uh…No, I can’t be serious, can I?

Herein lies insanities…

Too bad it looks like the Bootsie EpicVerb plug featured in the screencap is not playing nice… :-/ Anyway, this is pretty much
what I expected VST plugins hosting to be. That is, not so easy and clean.

Cockos Reaplugs standalone ReaFIR running with GUI inside HourGlass :

RobRokkenAudio (RRA) TTC-1 Compressor


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3 Responses to Uh…Uh…No, I can’t be serious, can I?

  1. Getting better and better! Thanks much 🙂 I have not done a lot lately with it though, I’ll have to play catch up this week. 😀

  2. robenestobenz says:

    VST support and mixer! How the hell did I miss this? Thanks so much, this really takes it to another level.

    • xenakios says:

      Well no version is out yet that has those things…I hope to be able to release the next version this month. It’s been problematic to put out new versions because the VST and mixer things have required large changes in the code and those things need much additional work and testing. Thanks for the continuing interest in HourGlass!

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