0.7.0 release, but watch out for bugs

Finally got around to releasing. There are many new/changed goodies, but with the caveat they might not work optimally. So consider this release something like an alpha/beta (which you should have done with all previous releases anyway). As a consolation, perhaps some old bugs/quirks are now fixed/reduced.

HourGlass 0.7.0 download link :


Partial changelist :

-Envelopes can be edited according to a tempo based grid. It probably lacks all sorts of niceties and polish, but anyway, this is what it is now.

-Snapshots of the sample probability weights can be set up and morphs executed between them.

-Each sample can have it’s own base volume level. (When several samples are playing simultaneously, it’s of course useful to be able to control the balance between them with this.)

-The source sample waveform display can now be zoomed and scrolled, to allow for more precise editing of the sample start/end and custom markers. Even if this might make importing in long sound samples (more than 1 minute or so) more useful, I’d advice against that. HourGlass stores the imported audio (and now the precalculated waveform overview in addition) in RAM and that isn’t likely to ever change. (To Mplay : to zoom the peaks vertically the default shortcuts are Shift+Ctrl+Up/Down arrow.)

-The convolution effect now has a mode where you can design impulse responses manually. (To create delay effects.)

-Lowpass and highpass filters show the frequency response of the filter as a curve. (Preliminary, there’s no frequency/gain labels, grids or anything else but the curve.)

-The text edit controls like the texture duration and the render filename now select all the text in them when clicking on them

-Some bugs in the presets system were fixed.

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1 Response to 0.7.0 release, but watch out for bugs

  1. Mplay says:

    Finally had time to give 0.7 a spin, I like the bpm snapping enveloppe points. No bugs to report atm. Keep up the good work :thumbsup:

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