HourGlass 0.6.0

There’s probably a bad bug in the audio offline rendering in this release.

Unfortunately the BPM-based envelope editing still isn’t in. šŸ˜¦ 0.7.0…? šŸ˜€


-Freehand envelope nodes drawing. It doesn’t work super well, but I will improve it later. To use, keep Shift pressed and drag the mouse (ie, keep left button pressed and move the mouse) in the envelope area.

-Envelopes can be scaled/shifted with the new buttons “Shift nodes”, “Scale nodes I” and “Scale nodes II”. With no key modifiers, the values (Y-axis) are transformed when dragging with the mouse up and down over the buttons. With Shift pressed and dragging left and right, the time positions of the envelope nodes are changed. With Alt pressed both the values and times of the nodes can be changed at the same time. Note that the envelopes can look pretty strange when doing certain moves with the Scale operations, it hopefully is just a cosmetic problem which I will look into later.

-New Distortion effect for the master fx (Don’t expect anything much from it, it’s just to give some nasty color for the sound)

-Master volume has smoothing (to remove zippering)

-Changes in the fragment rate now happen faster if the previous rate was in the slowish range (under 16hz) (Thanks Skaven252 for reminding me about this problem)

-In the preferences there’s a new setting for the color alpha of envelopes that are inactive (0 makes them invisible, 255 makes them look the same as the active envelope)

-The fragment envelope no longer has the “enabled” checkbox in the parameters list, to prevent confusion whether it should do anything or be uncheckable (it didn’t do anything and refused to be unchecked previously)

-The playcursor which moves over the envelope view, now moves according to the playtime in the texture, not according to the rate of the fragments (makes it move smoother
when the fragment rate is slow etc)

0.6.0 download link removed use the following instead :



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