Donate button added and some development news

If someone feels like HourGlass is worth supporting :-), I welcome any donations via PayPal, which you can make from the button added to this blog. If people think HourGlass isn’t mature enough or useful yet and doesn’t warrant donations, no worries, I won’t be offended and stop development and public releases, but development will likely be concentrated on areas most useful to myself. (ie, things like BPM-based editing and MIDI controllers support enhancements will get delayed even more or omitted.)

Lately in the code I’ve worked on a simple but hopefully somewhat useful distortion audio effect and freehand drawing of envelopes and I’ve continued on work previously done to allow shaping the envelope nodes via shifting and scaling operations. The freehand nodes drawing unfortunately isn’t working even close to well yet, but hopefully I will figure it out in the coming days. (click image for animation)

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5 Responses to Donate button added and some development news

  1. Mplay says:

    I’d love to have bpm based edeting. Everybody who wants this please chip in 😀

  2. Mplay says:

    Nice to hear. I’d also love for hourglass to support 32 bit floating point files if possible.

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