HourGlass 0.5.1

By mistake I left in 0.5.0 some code that used additional memory for no useful purpose at this point, so this 0.5.1 build fixes that.


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2 Responses to HourGlass 0.5.1

  1. Scott says:

    Hi Xena,

    The Fragment Envelope check box wont un-check, I click and click but it stays checked thus locking the Fragment Envelope in place, any ideas?

    I have tried deleting HourGlass but no luck.

    Thanks, Scott

    • xenakios says:

      Hmm I think you are seeing behavior that is there on purpose, the fragment envelope is always enabled and you won’t be able to uncheck the envelope enabled checkbox. No envelope would in almost every case mean there’s going to be a pop/click at the beginning/end of the played fragment. I am not sure why you would want there to be no envelope, but if you really would like it to work that way, I can maybe add some way to disable the envelope, if it won’t require too many changes in the code…

      I agree it’s a bit confusing the envelope enable checkbox is visible at all while it won’t really do anything, hiding it by default should not be too much code to add though…

      Or perhaps I completely misunderstood what the problem is what you are having…?

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