It’s not dead!

Alpha 9 0.5.x will appear some day this week. While I don’t personally usually find app toolbars that usable and necessary, I however decided to finally implement that more or less properly into HourGlass (click image for animation)

There’s probably some other stuff too which has been/will be added/fixed. This new toolbar thing did after all despite my prediction (to not add anymore windows) make it necessary to add yet another window, but on the other hand I really do think it doesn’t matter that much, since it can after all be closed out of view…There probably won’t be an extensive ready-to-use icon set included, as those can be problematic licensing-wise and so on, so you will have to grab some suitable icons from somewhere. But if a toolbar with icons is an important thing for someone, I am sure he/she will be prepared to go to that trouble… 🙂

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