Alpha 8

It appeared Alpha 7 has all sorts of problems, hopefully this Alpha 8 resolves some of them. It unfortunately seems though that some problems are appearing from the INI-file generated by the previous versions. It is recommended to rename/delete the HourGlass.ini file before running this build, if you are having problems 😦 Renaming is good if you want to manually try and copy paste various sections of the ini-file to the newly created one. After the old ini-file is no longer found, all settings in HourGlass will be resetted, including the GUI layout, which will then look very crowded and horrible. So please take the time to close the GUI panes you won’t be needing and rearrange the ones you want to view. I will eventually make the default GUI layouts etc better, but as this is still at alpha stage, it isn’t a priority. (This actually is a bit trickier problem than it may seem, because of certain legacy things hanging around in the code.)

Some users also had problems as the support for ASIO and WASAPI for the audio output was introduced. For those users I have included an alternative build of the PortAudio
dll in the PortAudio_NoAsioNoWasapi directory. If HourGlass doesn’t start at all/crashes at start-up even after deleting/renaming the INI-file as described above, it is recommended to
copy and replace the pa_vs2010_25032011.dll in the folder where HourGlass.exe is, with the dll from the PortAudio_NoAsioNoWasapi folder.

Apologies for the problems, but this is the way alpha builds go.

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