Finally the audio device settings are coming together!

Today I overhauled the audio output device configuring stuff…It’s finally almost in a state that’s ready for public testing. The ASIO panel unfortunately isn’t working properly yet. It seems that at least my E-MU card’s driver refuses to show the panel if the ASIO output to the card is already open. Which means, messily, that in order to show the ASIO panel the current ASIO device should be closed etc…

In this preference page GUI I like how the available devices and some of their properties can be seen at a glance, instead of the usual solution in various audio applications where they have a separate drop down menu for the “audio system” and then another one for the devices etc…By the way, the WASAPI output latency in the screenshot is completely unrealistic, what latency it will actually give/report on my system is 30 milliseconds at minimum. The latency that might have been actually achieved from the sound device will be shown in the HourGlass statusbar after preferences are Ok’d…

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