HourGlass alpha5

The Qt library DLLs were updated and there’s a new subdirectory (the “Styles”), so the new download contains this time all the needed support files :


For users of old versions, the vcredist installer doesn’t need to be installed again. New users may be greeted with a message saying a DLL is missing or the installation of HourGlass.exe is not correct etc. In that case you have to install the Visual Studio 2010 runtimes from the vcredist_x86.exe installer.

Changes for alpha5:

-Sounds imported can be previewed dry with no processing applied (handy because it’s kind of easy to forget what the original sound was after processings have been set up)

-The envelope node shapes were changed a bit. The “Smooth stairs” shape should work better now. “Stairs” and some other shapes were added. The node shape context menus were rearranged a bit. (The more “exotic” shapes appear later in the menu.) Note that the “elastic” node shapes can be further adjusted by Shift+dragging the envelope segment midpoint.

-The default GUI style was changed a bit (some colors changed etc). The GUI style can now be switched from the View menu under the “Load style” entry. Note that should you figure out how to write them, you can add your own “skinning” files to the Styles folder and they will available in the menu (or you can change the existing files). As a hint for enterprising users, I give the the following link : http://doc.qt.nokia.com/latest/stylesheet.html (I will try to document some of the HourGlass spesific issues for the stylesheets later.) There appears to be some visual bugs with the Master FX GUIs and the stylesheets, hopefully I will be able to fix those for the next build…(The “Plain” styles won’t change the FX GUIs appearance etc…)

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