HourGlass alpha4

As in the previous update, the zip contains only the HourGlass.exe


If you have not yet downloaded the “base” package that contains the needed support files, download from :


Again thanks to Vesa Norilo for the hosting space as well as help with programming.

Changelog :

-Grain panning law sanitized. The previous code wasn’t really right, and could produce things like out of phase audio. If you think the previous panning
was better anyway, let me know, I can add it as an option.
-The grain scripting engine now has the variables described in the blog post explaining the scripting
-Maximum grain voice count upped to 256 from the previous 128
-Preferences have some new options (the audio related options still do nothing though, I will get to it eventually)
-Help menu contains action to open the file system folder where the HourGlass-related ini-files are located
-Some other minor changes to code stability etc

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