HourGlass new alpha build

New alpha release (let’s call it alpha3) :


Note that the zip file contains only the HourGlass.exe file, copy it over the previous HourGlass.exe. If you have not yet downloaded the first release, get it from the following link :


Thanks again to Vesa Norilo for providing hosting space.

What’s new/changed in the March 7th 2011 build :

-The granulation and fx parameters are now visible as a list in a separate GUI panel, making it easier to switch between the parameters, change their automation enabled/disables status and view and control the static parameter values.

-The sound sources probability weights are controllable with sliders now instead of the previous text entry boxes.

-The preferences dialog has been reworked a bit but it still doesn’t work consistently and for example the audio device selector is still a dummy option that doesn’t actually change any device. There is preliminary support for customizing the application shortcut keys. Note that the actions list may contain dummy/dangerous entries, so be careful in assigning new shortcuts to actions.  Non-working actions will be eventually removed from the list. The shortcut entry field now requires you to type the shortcut key in literally, ie to get Ctrl+A to be the shortcut, you need to type Ctrl+A into the field, it doesn’t actually recognize pressing Ctrl+A when the field is focused. (It’s a bit difficult thing to solve, but I hope to make it work as expected later.)

Other small stuff may have been changed/added too. Unfortunately there are some extensive changes around the code which may mean the stability of the application may not be as good as previously. So if you get some reproduceable crashes, let me know.

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