Work done on HourGlass

Been doing some extensive work on HourGlass. Things have been cleaned up/refactored and some new things added.

-Support added for the Novation Automap system

-Modular system to support time linear DSP fx after the grain voices have been mixed. (Ie, a “master channel” fx chain.) There’s not any particularly interesting fx added yet, but plans include supporting VST plugins, so that broadens the scope nicely eventually. The fx processing might also be changed to support things like timestretching (non-time linear processing).

-Grain resampling has been changed to use the resampler engine from Cockos’s wdl.

-Undo/redo system has been rewritten to use the memento pattern properly. It used to be a somewhat messy mix of command pattern and memento. The undo/redo will now however need some more internal testing and work.

-Unfortunately one of the most exciting features in the original HourGlass code, the grain properties scripting, had to be removed for now. The Qt Script engine has problems when accessed from multiple threads. It appeared to originally work but broke at some point in a way that started causing crashes. The scripting will need to be rewritten to be thread-safe, possibly not even using Qt Script, but maybe Lua. I will need to test these things…

Hopefully a version suitable for alpha/beta-testing will be available during this month or the next.

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