HourGlass resurrected?

Ok, so the “DAW” project is on ice because it’s too complicated for me at the moment blah blah blah. However, I’ve been relooking into the HourGlass sound processor. I got motivated to do that because I ordered myself a Novation Nocturn controller, and it’d be interesting to implement an Automap client for use with it. HourGlass seems to fit the bill most at the moment out of the projects I’ve worked on during the past 1.5 years or so. So in addition to that, I thought I’d clean up some of the HourGlass code and perhaps add some new features too, like support for multiple input sounds. (Got some nifty ideas for that one.)  Hopefully this time HourGlass actually makes it up to public release too…

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One Response to HourGlass resurrected?

  1. Fine! I’d love to test it, as I like granular processing and I’ve got a Nocturn 25.
    Keep the mind work

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