Been away for 3 weeks from home

I spent the last 3 weeks at Visby in Sweden’s island county Gotland. There was no programming, no extensive internet use, just mostly trying to do some music composition work. I wasn’t able to finish a composition but at least something got done. I had an accident (naturally while being drunk (*)) involving my tooth which then had to be removed by a dentist. I wasn’t feeling too great after all that, so the last days at Visby were lost in terms of productive work. Anyway lots of new ideas about music and music producing applications came to my mind.

(*) Seriously, if some of those guys from Helsinki are reading this : It was not a fight involving a girl or anything. If it had been a fist-fight, I would have been the first one to brag about it and make it seem like a great thing where I was right and the other side was fucking totally wrong!

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