“DAW” progress?

Today I did some preliminary tests on GUI stuff. It looks like the first iteration will be based on Qt’s QGraphicsView and QGraphicsObject subclass or subclasses. It remains to be seen if the approach is really workable or not. I should remember to take care there won’t be too heavy dependencies between this GUI system and the base audio object class. It would be very annoying to do the changes required if QGraphicsView and QGraphicsObject won’t be the way to go.

In fact I suppose it could be a good idea even to minimize even Qt dependencies in the base audio objects classes. While it seems unlikely at this point I would not use Qt for the foreseeable future (many years), there’s always a chance a change in the C++ framework might be necessary. So migrating to something like JUCE should not be a total clusterfuck of changing thousands of code lines because of tight dependencies to Qt. Then on the other hand, Qt is just so handy…This will need some consideration.

For laughs, a screenshot of the current GUI :

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