Xenakios “DAW” happening?!

I’ve talked about doing my own “DAW” at IRC and some forums for a long time but not much has really happened so far…(There have been other projects, like “HourGlass” for doing sound grain/fragment manipulations and “QtCDP” for doing sound processing in a sound editor kind of environment.) However the frustrations I’ve had with the available proprietary sequencer/DAW/multitracker offerings have finally become so great that I decided to seriously attempt doing my own. It’s “DAW” in quotes because it is not going to be in the vein of existing “virtual tape machine and mixer” audio applications. What it will certainly do is play and mix audio files, probably also some sound synthesis will be supported. What is completely open and won’t be given consideration at this stage is anything to do with recording audio or handling MIDI. It might be a bit more in the style of things like Max/MSP but emphasis won’t be at all on being able to do live performance spesific operation, simply because that kind of thing doesn’t interest me personally and as far as I can see, Max/MSP, PureData, Reaktor, Ableton Live and others already do that stuff well.

I’ve been working on some basic stuff since Saturday (24th July 2010) or so. Implemented a preliminary graph (network) of audio objects, getting stuff to play in a timelined way etc. Very primitive stuff. No GUI, nothing wired to realtime audio output etc. Just rendering direct to disk what’s in the object graph. Today was the milestone that I got for the first time the audio objects to play (at least seemingly) at sample accurate timeline positions. So I might officially consider the project to have been started now!

I will discuss in upcoming blog posts things like why I feel so frustrated with the current DAW applications, what I want my application to be able to do, what I am coding at the moment etc.

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One Response to Xenakios “DAW” happening?!

  1. semiquaver says:

    looking forward to your DAW – very curious. cheers

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